Your smile
A rest to the weary soul of mine
You grin and casted a single smile
And I realized you had passed it on me

What empowers me cripple me
But I realize it’s worth,for it lingers long
Like the song ” Strangers in the night”.

Why this weakness ?
You hypnotized me in just a look
The glance we exchanged still wondering thee restless soul.
Your smile were ravishing with grace
Not once , but you did smile back twice
I don’t know who u r.
From where you are.

To be loved, to be touched , not aching
Hope ignites a will to perspires
I am to wait, I do not doubt
I am to meet you again
I am to see to it , I meet you again.


In a ghastly night with your memories
My eyes wander to see you
My heart shouting and thumping .
Wet with the tears, eyes couldn’t quench
I found You nowhere
The darkest night seems to fall to me , as I was longing your hold.
As I gazed to the blurred image of you
You have so distracted me
A desire locked down deep inside
I long for one tender touch……
I found you nowhere
I ran my hand into my naked body feeling the touched
You are nowhere
I found myself…..
I stopped craving anymore
I sung the song , I was once a star
I am the definition of myself
I can love myself naked
Today I know “This is Life”.

A flip to an unknown journey

A flip to an unknown journey

Just trying  to be myself I left the the comfort of savoring my own fav food, pillow, my friends
Zeal in the heart I left.
What I See is a mixture of dark and light
Everything seems blurred
what way to choose and what not.
I am too young to take this seriously
And old too to understand this material world and its hypocrisy.
Manage to find a path which everybody has walk upon.
But tryin to see it differently from the crowds.
Has seen both the light and the dark.
Everyone is merry with their own path- I ponder with disbelief.

Thriving unprecedented energy and passion
To awaken the roaring dragon inside me.
To ignite the fire in thee belly
I step on the path to my journey
To create Sparkles of magic in life.

Chasing the rainbow, could manage to grip fireflies instead
But hope survives for the colors.
May be one day the magic sticks fall in my hand
And create those sparkles of life

Life mesmerize, life sings, life is beautiful.



The Riddle  reckons me
Making me Sleepless..
The eyes that Stares with a meaning deep down
Haunted me again and again
Searching for the light to unfold it
How can I?
How will I?
But I need to…
That stares looks dimmer..
Brighten up to unfold it
Oh yes!
The uncanny..

That Fine Day

That Fine Day

The stillness
The smile
The innocent gaze
The purity of heart
The calmness
The dark cloud
The rain
The kichar
You took a lonely cross of that Kichar, unacquainted
The bliss.

Like the rain drops splatters at the sea
The silent gaze at those drops with the happy soul inside me.
The joy in the heart like every rainbow after heavy rainfalls
Forgetting the sunshine ,danced in the rain
Touching thee heart wiping the soul in tears endowing a ray to live.

Like the man in the desert, quenching the thirst
In the first drop of rain, which was devoid of bliss, in the scorching heat of summer.
The image that formed in front, sparkling glitters that caters a smile at the serene of the dusk.
That image, the smile will always linger in me.